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solar carports with system

Customised carport solutions for trade & commerce, industry & logistics

Make use of your sealed areas

DISTACT Energy covers your car park with individually customised solar carports. Whether for trade and commerce or industry and logistics - release clean energy on your premises. You can use this directly on site for your own needs, for charging points or for feeding into the grid.

Our Solar-Carports offer protection for your vehicles and those of your customers and at the same time contribute to the sustainability and energy efficiency of your company. Let us start your project - we will support you from the planning and implementation to the operation and maintenance of your photovoltaic car park roofs.

Solar carports for large car parks

To ensure maximum efficiency and profitability, we focus on projects of at least one hectare, i.e. from 10,000 m². With our customised solar carports we offer you a stylish Covering for vehicles as well as a sustainable solution for energy generation. Our variants are aimed specifically at trade, commerce, industry and logistics:

Solar carports trade

Our Solar carports in the industrial optionis visually impressive with its elegant wood finish and green roof. It is also equipped with a car park guidance system and smart lighting technology. Ideal for trade and commerce and a real added value for you and your customers.

Solar carports logistics

The Carport option logistics is equipped with aluminium cladding and smart lighting technology. Ideally suited for car parks that are in continuous use and therefore ideal for airports, leisure parks and car dealerships, for example.

Solar carports industry

The pragmatic solution: Our Solar carports in the industrial option are fully focussed on maximum efficiency. Whether for large car parks in industry or commerce: here you can recharge your company with the full power of the sun.

Solar carports that adapt to your needs

Do you have a fleet of electric cars and want to be able to charge them directly in the car parks? Do you want your customers to be able to find the nearest free car park quickly and easily? And do you also want the solar carports to be aesthetically pleasing? If we work with you to develop the optimum carport solution for your car park we can incorporate these and many other aspects:

E-Ladesäulen für Solar-Carports

e-charging points

Directly integrated: e-charging points charge your company's vehicles and those of your customers directly in your car park. Select the number of e-charging stations and their locations.

Solar-Carports mit Parkleitsystem und Beleuchtung

Guidance system/lighting

Thanks to smart lighting your employees and customers will recognise free parking spaces more quickly. Saves time, nerves and energy - and also makes your car park safer.

Solar-Carports mit Verkleidungsoptionen


Attractive appearance meets efficient design: With the cladding for your solar carports you can choose from various materials.

Solar-Carports mit Gründach


A green roof on your solar carports serves as a natural rainwater reservoir and lowers the ambient temperature. And, of course, green roofs are more aesthetically pleasing. A real eye-catcher!

Benefits of our solar carports

If you have only been using your car parks as parking spaces up to now: There is much more to your car parks! In terms of dual utilisation, the installation of solar carports offers you a whole range of advantages for your company!

  • electricity generation: Solar carports add a new function to your car parks: the generation of clean solar energy. The photovoltaic panels on the roofs convert sunlight into electricity. Electricity that you can use to reduce your energy costs.
  • Vehicle protection: The carports offer vehicles protection from the elements such as rain, hail and sun. This extends the service life of the vehicles and reduces the need for maintenance. At the same time, they promote electromobility by integrating charging stations for electric vehicles.
  • Efficient, multifunctional utilisation of space: Solar carports make optimum use of vertical space as they combine car parking and energy generation.
  • Lower electricity costs: The solar energy generated can be used to supply buildings directly or to feed into the electricity grid. Surplus energy can even generate profits.
  • Sustainability and environmental protection: Solar carports are environmentally friendly and sustainable. They help to reduce carbon emissions, promote renewable energy and contribute to protecting the environment.


Lower your operating costs and reduce your carbon footprint

Lowers energy costs

Use the power of the sun to reduce your energy costs

Protection and charging points

Solar carports offer protection from the weather and charging points provide a modern infrastructure

Positive for the reputation

Strengthen your corporate image through the use of renewable energies and make yourself ready for the future.

Planning, implementation and maintenance - all from a single source

You can rely on our expertise in the planning, realisation and maintenance of your solar carports. We offer a comprehensive solution for your project, starting with detailed planning, taking into account your needs and requirements. Our services include not only the construction of the carports and the solar module installation, but also all the necessary civil engineering work.

Furthermore, we offer the integration of e-charging stations to make multifunctional use of your car parks. Our reliable maintenance ensures that your system always functions optimally, including performance checks and repairs if necessary. If you are interested, we also offer repowering solutions to optimise the performance of your system in the long term.

Solar-Carports: Planung


  • holistic service
  • Carport planning
  • Selection of optimum solar modules
  • Coordination of the authorisation process
  • Adaptation to local conditions and requirements (e.g. escape routes)
Solar-Carports: Umsetzung


  • Civil engineering works
  • Erecting the carports
  • Installing the solar panels
  • integration of e-charging stations
Solar-Carports: Wartung


  • Carrying out repairs in the event of faults and defects
  • Regular performance checks of the solar modules
  • Repowering (modernisation)

Solar carports - what you need to know

Obligation to go solar

In most cases, the solar obligation for car parks applies for newly built, open car parks with at least 35 to 100 parking spaces (depending on the federal state). The parking space must also be suitable for solar utilisation. The suitability is regulated differently depending on the federal state.

Planning permission

The The applying for planning permission for solar carports can vary depending on the location and local building regulations. Aspects such as ground preparation, distance regulations and driveways play a role here. We are happy to take care of the authorisation process on your behalf.


Common questions on the subject of solar carports

A solar carport for commercial and industrial uses works in a similar way to private ones. The carports are installed with solar panels that capture sunlight and convert it into electrical energy. This energy can then be used on site, stored in battery storage or supplied to the electricity grid to cover the company's energy needs.

Commercial and industrial solar carports offer numerous benefits. Not only do they create covered parking areas for vehicles, but they also use renewable solar energy to generate electricity. This allows businesses to reduce their energy costs, achieve their sustainability goals, improve their carbon footprint, and even take advantage of potential tax benefits or government incentive programmes.

Yes, solar carports can be adapted to the needs of commercial and industrial companies with large parking areas. The carports can be designed according to the size and structure of the parking area to ensure maximum coverage with solar panels and effectively cover the company's energy needs.

Carports require regular maintenance and cleaning to ensure optimal performance. This includes inspecting the solar modules, cleaning dirt, dust and debris, and checking the wiring and connections. We are happy to support you!

The ability of a solar carport to meet the energy needs of your business depends on a number of factors, including the size of the carport, the number and power of the solar panels installed and your average energy consumption. We conduct a customised analysis to determine the potential efficiency and develop the optimal system design for your business.

Our solar carports are designed with snow load standards and local regulations in mind. The carports are designed with a robust support structure and anchoring systems to resist snow accumulation. The exact design depends on factors such as snow load zone and roof pitch to ensure a safe structure.

Rainwater is drained via gutters, drainage pipes or other drainage components. The exact planning depends on the local regulations, the current conditions and the size of the carport facility to ensure that the rainwater is properly drained. A great alternative to a natural water storage system is also our green roof solution.

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