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The DISTACT group of companies led by Ulf Grimnitz from Elmenhorst near Rostock works in the sector of energy - whether combined heat and power plants, open-space photovoltaic parks, roof systems or the trade in oleotechnical products.

The DISTACT Energy GmbH & Co. KG operates in the sector of solar energy. In addition to the development and implementation of solar carports, we also offer the project planning of open space photovoltaic systems, flash tests for solar modules and the repowering of existing photovoltaic parks. 

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our idea

Power from the sun, protection for your vehicle: our solar carports offer not only protection from the elements, but also an environmentally friendly solution to turn your parking lot into a clean power source and generate green energy.


Dual use of sealed surfaces: Our vision is to transform parking areas into energy centers with solar carports to enable companies to become more self-sufficient and generate sustainable electricity.


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